‘Create with Andy G’

Welcome to ‘Create with Andy G’, a book by Andy Greenacre full of tasks to help inspire and encourage you on your creative journey.

Below are a list of creative links for you to explore, plus an instructional video that will help guide you through the tasks in your book…

Instructional video…

I’ve brought together some inspiring and interesting links that I hope will encourage you to explore your creativity even further.

Inspiring people to learn from…

During 2020 Jim Parkyn taught myself and many others how to make models from plasticine at his daily #CommunityClayTime. You can see many of his make-along tutorials via his YouTube channel and website http://www.jimparkyn.com

SELF CARE THROUGH ART | Art is a powerful self care tool to help me relax, increase my self-awareness, take care of my emotional well-being, and relieve stress through creative expression. Check out Youhjung’s Youtube channel for some great videos

Claire’s website is all about craft and upcycling with a weekly tutorial. Pack full of fab ideas for you to try out yourself. Click HERE to find out more.

Why not learn to knit with Alice via her self paced knitting courses. I’ve tried out the beginners course and really enjoyed the learning and making very much indeed. Check out all Alice’s amazing online courses HERE.

A great selection of crafting ideas can be found on A Beautiful Mess

Emma’s blog http://www.emmajewellcrafts.co.uk has lots of great DIY craft ideas, downloads and links for you to explore. Check out her blog HERE.

I found Suraj Patel’s YouTube channel and the videos that teach people how to create abstract paintings. I’m definitely going to be trying out this method :)

Interesting reading on the topic of creativity…

Margaret Gray has written a fab article on Penguin books all about ‘How to find the inspiration to become a more creative person’. Full of great tips and links to help you on your creative path. Check it out HERE.

Be sure to read this blog post by Marcella McEvoy over on BUPA’s website if you want to learn all about the health benefits of making time to be creative.

Dorien Eising is a Research Assistant at the Mental Health Foundation and has written a post all about the positive effects of creativity on improving mental health. please check it out HERE

I love the ideas that Kelly Morr dicusses HERE. This article explore the idea that ‘Creativity is the ability to transcend traditional ways of thinking or acting, and to develop new and original ideas, methods or objects’, brilliant! :)

Creativity At Work have lots of FREE resources related to the topic of creativity on their website. Click HERE to see more

You can lots of great TED Talks about creativity. Elizabeth Gilbert (Author of ‘Eat, Pray, Love’) talks passionately about ‘Your elusive creative genius’. Well worth a watch HERE.

I will add and edit these links as I find more :)