‘Intervallum’ is an art bird box sculpture exploring the notion of the permanent wasted space made by humans through their food packaging and consumption.

Made using plaster casts this creation as part of the exhibition for ‘First Flight’ for this year’s First Light Festival

Intervallum, Andy Greenacre, 2021

Forms of our waste, cast in plaster, contrast and conflict with the world that birds live in. This bird box is a space of respite between the man-made and natural world.

Intervallum / First Light, Andy Greenacre, 2021

Birds migrate to the UK and on their arrival are often confronted by our waste packaging in their natural environment. Waste is increasingly found in the nests of birds.

This art bird box can be seen alongside work by other local artists from 26th and 27th June, Kensington Gardens, Lowestoft, for the 2021