Our 80s

Our 80s is an installation of a typical 1980s living room with the addition of objects and toys from my childhood collection. This artwork continues my exploration of familiar objects, using these as triggers to help uncover personal memories. It can be found in Felixstowe Museum and forms part of their 80’s exhibition.

“While clearing out their loft, my parents found a pile of boxes. These contained the meaningless, ephemeral and eclectic objects & toys from my childhood. When looking through these items, I find myself transported back to my childhood.”

Many of the items on display in Our 80s have little or no monetary value. Andy has spent time drawing, detailing and archiving this collection of objects. In doing so he aims to express the strong memories that are attached to them and the personal value they hold. Andy encourages the audience to see new beauty in everyday objects, asking them to consider the artefacts they have chosen to keep for sentimental reasons.

If you get the chance to visit Felixstowe Museum please share photographs of your own childhood objects and the Our 80s room with me via Instagram or Twitter