A bit about Andy

Hi everyone! Andy here, the artist behind Unruly Print, based on the coast in my home county of sunny Suffolk. I hand-draw, hand-cut and hand-print all my designs, using traditional lino printing methods and techniques. The imagery in my work is inspired by own childhood memories, I also love working on commissions, helping to bring customers own memories back to life.

Like everyone I loved playing and being creative as a kid. I have really fond memories of this time and there were always lots of other children in the house because Mum and Dad child-minded. This meant we spent every spare minute coming up with games, being outdoors whatever the weather and constantly making things from bits of old cardboard, paint and glue.

As I grew up, I forget to make time to play, society and life threw some challenges my way that got in the way of being creative. Lucky for me I was given the chance to go to university at the ‘mature’ age of 23, I successfully gained a Fine Art degree and Masters in Art.

After leaving university I had a series of different jobs to help balance and juggle the life of an artist and the reality of bills and adult life. I went into teaching for 5 years and while doing this was able to spend time learning with the children through play. This is when I started to revisit printing and from a simple print of Southwold Lighthouse in 2017, Unruly Print was born.

I am now a full-time artist working in print, photographing, sculpture and writing. I’m also a speaker & broadcaster on all aspects of creativity and I’m passionate about giving everyone the opportunity to experience and enjoy being creative. I recently published my first book ‘Create with Andy G’ (see more HERE).

I’m also known for starting and running Makers Market From Home in the first few days of the pandemic back in 2020. It gave me a focus and purpose during very strange and worrying times.

Any questions or enquires please feel free to email me via andy@unrulyprint.co.uk or on Instagram @Unruly_Print

Andy from Unruly Print