Memory donation session at the Preston Guild with AND: Mobile Republic

Great news – this weekend my memory collection process will be on the road and will be taking up residency in one of Mobile Republic‘s art caravans.

The caravans are a part of the Abandon Normal Devices festival of new cinema,
digital culture & art. The touring exhibition form part of the Preston Guild 2012 celebrations in Avenham & Miller Parks in the city centre, and will be hosting various artworks and installations during the final weekend of the Preston Guild from 7th-9th September 2012.

I will be using the ‘doghouse’ caravan as artist-in-residence on Friday 7th September and will be collecting memory donations from vistors all day long, although memories can be donated at any time during the Guild weekend. Any memories can be donated; anecdotes about Preston, stories of events, memories of caravan holidays, past and present Guilds, personal histories and much more. These donations will become part of the Memory Van Archive and will be used to inspire future artwork as part of the ongoing Retrieval Cue project.


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