Old Singer

My little drawing called ‘Old Singer’, inspired by the Anderson family. This print is in an edition of 5. This is the 3rd limited edition print that I have given away as part of my FREE art giveaways. The idea of this process is to get my artworks in the lives and homes of the people who love my art. There is no catch, and no registration, just ask and you will get. Enjoy :)

singer sewing machine

3 thoughts on “Old Singer

  1. Hi AndyG,
    I came across your website through a comment you posted on Andrea’s blog. I find your art to be amazing! I have been a great fan of sketches and love it! Sadly, I never have the time for it and definitely not as good as you are! I will love to be able to share your great artwork and i find it to be a great inspiration for me! Let me know if you have another giveaway please! Thanks!

    1. Thanks very much for your kind words of encouragement. As a creative person working on my own it’s always nice to hear from someone who loves what I do :) I will be doing more giveaways soon and I’ll keep you informed, I am currently preparing for an exhibition at the start of May. Thanks again, Andy

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