A life changing month of drawing?

I have come to the end of my 1 month drawing challenge. I began the month reflecting on comments by a colleague regarding the use of time effectively. This coincided with securing an exhibition in Aldeburgh this Saturday, 4th May.

At the end of month I have completed 30 mini drawings, displayed in a thimble cabinet (roughly 5hours total). I have also completed 20 larger drawings taking anywhere from 1-4 hours each (roughly 40hours in total). This 45 hours has come from nowhere!? I have also managed to do some gardening, decorating and the ongoing general chores. On top of this I have had a great social life, an ITFC stadium tour, pub visits, beach walks and carboots galore.

So where did that time come from? Well I think it would be safe to say that TV has always been my nemesis. My whole adult life I have used it as a method of relaxation, the only problem being that it never worked. I would be restless all night, and have a general feeling that I had achieved nothing and had so much to do. A life changing month then? I’d say so! :)

30 Drawing Days in April – 30th



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