The old man, the suitcase and the boot sale

I was browsing a car boot sale at Friday Street Farm Shop, Suffolk, when I spotted this little suitcase. The colours are very much my kind of thing I thought, I bet I can’t afford it. Looking up I saw an old boy approach. He obviously thought this item was a bit of rubbish to shift on quick from the house clearance he told me he had just done. He ask for £2! I hurriedly paid him before he changed his mind, stifling a smile and telling myself it was not good form to skip away so happily from a deal :)

The bonus to this suitcase story became apparent to me when checking what size bag I could take onto the plane when I visit Ireland over the summer. It turns out that this bag is exactly the right size to fit the Ryanair size limitations for hand luggage. Its a suitable suitcase for flying. Result!


The old man, the suitcase and the boot tale is one that seems to be harder to stumble upon. The scruffy old bargains have become ‘kitsch’ or ‘retro’ chic, collected by the up and coming. The hidden gem of a sale room or quality boot sale is awash with traders buying things to stock their trendy and stylish showrooms. In a way, the elusive nature of these bargain purchases makes them all the more special! Happy hunting :)


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