06/04/20 – Bunting, BLOC Arts and libraries

I’ve just done my first ‘Creative Catch-Up’ with Jon Wright on BBC Radio Suffolk.

This will be every Monday evening, just after the 7pm news.

I was particularly excited to hear the jingles that Jon and the team had created for my segment – ‘Prints-charming’ was hilarious!

If you were listening today, here’s some of the information you might have heard me talk about…


Students of Thurston Community College have been making masks for the NHS in the DT department. They have even had a letter from an MP in thanks of their efforts. The students were two weeks away from their GCSE art exams and are continuing to send in photos of their completed artworks that they’e made at home, even though they don’t need to – now THAT’S creative dedication!


The residents of Bedfield village have been sewing lengths of bunting in their own homes in preparation for a future village-wide celebration once the pandemic is over.


As part of Suffolk Libraries, BLOC Arts have shared a daily creative challenge on Instagram. They provide a one word prompt each day and ask everyone to respond creativity to that word. It could be a drawing, photograph, poem or music – and then you can post it on social media with the hashtag #SLDailyCreate.


If you have a library card, the great news is that you can use it to access hundreds of magazines and newspapers online. There are magazines on the topics of art, photography, music, craft, sport and many, many more that you can access for free. If you don’t already have a library card you can get one from Suffolk Libraries here.

Head over to the Suffok Libraries page and follow the instructions to log into the Press Reader with your library card number – it only takes a couple of minutes and gives you access to all those lovely publications!


This is something I’ve been enjoying myself for the past couple of weeks and it’s a great one for the kids – learn how to make plasticine characters from an Aardman modelmaker! It’s a LIVE afternoon session at 3pm with Jim Parkyn on Instagram and he shows you how to make models of animals and characters. I’ve already made a lobster, pig and dragon thanks to Jim’s expert instructions so get involved this week and have a go at making something fun from plasticine, clay or play-doh :)

I’ll be on BBC Radio Suffolk with more creative ideas next Monday evening, just after 7pm.

One thought on “06/04/20 – Bunting, BLOC Arts and libraries

  1. An inspirational journey with you through your life of creativity. Your work always makes people smile and after seeing one of your exhibitions everyone leave feeling happy. An exceptional attchevement in this day and age Congratulations Andy.


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