6/07/2020 – All about the juggle..

Discussing how to juggle a creative life, a basic art kit and finding faces in everyday objects :)

Here are the details and links to the information I will be chatting about in my ‘Creative Catch-up’ on BBC Radio Suffolk with @JournoJon tonight :)

How to started in creativity…

Let’s face it, it’s a particularly hard time to be working in the creative industries. Funding has been squeezed and cut back for decades and the current financial uncertainty will no doubt cause further causalities in a sector that has struggled in the past decade.

So what can you do to succeed? How can you get into the sector? Why would you want to? We’ll have a look at some basic kit and have a chat with someone who manages this’juggle struggle’.

A simple art kit

I would say that having a simple ‘creative kit’ is a great starting point to help you become a better creative. When inspiration strikes, having materials to hand will help you capture that spark of inspiration.

Here is my suggested kit:

  • Drawing materials – pencils and pens
  • Eraser – avoid using, mistakes are part of the creative process
  • Sketchbook – somewhere to scribble down ideas
  • Paper – a quality pad of 250gsm + paper
  • Colour – paints, pencils and pens
  • Brushes – 5 quality brushes are better than 30 poor quality
  • Box – somewhere to store all this lovely kit

This kit shouldn’t cost you more than about £30 and can be found online or in your local craft and art supplies shop. We are blessed locally (Ipswich) to have Craftabilty a shop that is full of everything you would ever need for any arts and craft project.

You can call Trisha on 01473 257 550 to place orders over the phone and they are happy help organise home delivery :)

The juggle struggle

Local maker and creative Felicity of @AnnieHoneyStitches manages to juggle lots of different parts of her life. A mum, a creative and working in a school… but how does she make it work?

Felicity is very honest that she wants the ‘side hustle’ to remain just that for her. A part of her life that she enjoys, something that brings joy to her and to her customers lives too. She has embraced the online offering of makers markets through lockdown, likening these virtual markets to playing at shops when you are kid. On Saturday she returned to her first ‘physical’ makers market, Ivy Joan (Bury St Edmunds).

Check Felicity’s wonderful creations on her Instagram profile @AnnieHoneyStitches

Faces in objects

I always say it’s important to play. With many of us still unable to have face to face contact with loved ones I thought it would be fun to find faces in our surroundings. So let’s have a go at finding some faces in the everyday objects… maybe we can find some happy little faces to lift our spirits :)

Check out the faces that I managed to capture over on my Instagram feed @andygreenare


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