‘Littletude’ – My mini Latitude festival

‘Littletude’ by Andy Greenacre

‘LITTLETUDE’ is a miniature recreation of a little part of Latitude festival, created by me, Andy Greenacre, a Suffolk based artist and creative.

Many of us would have been looking forward to a fun-packed weekend of creativity at Latitude Festival 2020. I thought it would be fun to make a miniature version of the comedy tent, theatre cabaret and faraway forest… the places i like to hang out in and spend my time :)

As an artist I believe that playing and sharing playful ideas is really important. If we all spent a little more time playing (like when we were children), we would probably come up with new and creative solutions to the issues we all face in our adult lives :)

One last thing… please go out of your way to help and support all the creative folk you know. They have lost nearly all of their work and even worse than that they have lost the places where they can showcase their creations and talent… we are going to need the laughs and creative fun that places like Latitude nurture in 2021 and beyond :)

Stay safe, be kind and keep being creative!

Enquiries via email please: artist@andy-greenacre.co.uk


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