A ‘Curious Conversation’ with Alice and ‘Value’ with Andy Greenacre

‘Value’ is the latest episode of my virtual sessions all about the Elements of Art and you can also here my ‘Curious Conversation’ with Alice

You can catch up with my ‘Curious Conversation’ about my creative life with the brilliant Alice of @Woolandwater an awesome design and maker of accessories for both humans and pets www.woolandwater.nl/. Alice interviews a series of different creative folk in her series of ‘Curious Conversations’, well worth a listen :)

Alice and Andy chatting all things creative :)

‘Value’ is the latest episode of my virtual sessions all about the Elements of Art, made in collaboration the brilliant Suffolk Libraries and Bloc_Arts. In this episode we look at value and how artist use dark and light in their work.

‘Value’ with Andy Greenacre

Street Corner University is Suffolk Libraries new learning resource that celebrates public libraries’ rebellious history as spaces for free learning and freedom of speech. We’ll be delving in weekly to showcase tutorials, workshops and masterclasses from the fabulous people they work with.

Check out all their great content and keep supporting your local library :)


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