Make your own moving flying dragon model…

As a child of the 80s I remember trying to make wooden automata in DT classes. So this Flying Moving Dragon kit was so much fun to make…

The wonderful Mary-Ann of Concordias World gifted me one of her amazing Make your own Moving Flying Dragon Model kits to try out. Here’s how I got on :)

Make your own Moving Flying Dragon Model by

As a child of the 80s I remember trying to make wooden automata in DT classes. These took ages to make and more often than not the school term had finished before we completed our creations. That’s why I was so eager to try out one of these kits and hopefully I would finally complete a functioning automata before I reach 40!

First thing to say is that the kit is beautifully presented. The card you make your dragon from is a wonderful colour & texture and there is attention to detail in this kit with a tracing paper sleeve holding all the sheets and instructions together. I’m a sucker for different papers so this was a great start.

The 4 page instruction booklet is really easy to follow. It caters for people who like to read or for those of you, like me, who find diagrams much easier to follow. I collected together the basic equipment Mary-Ann suggests I will need, poured myself a coffee and turned on the radio.

With the pre-printed card sheets I was easily able to cut out all the parts.

It was amazing how this kit got me making 3D structures from flat sheets of card in a matter of minutes.

My partially constructed crank

After just a few very enjoyable hours I had actually made a fully functioning and rather fabulous looking Moving Flying Dragon Model automata. My shortcomings of my childhood DT addressed and most importantly I had such a relaxing and playful time making this kit :)

My finished flying dragon automata

At just £14 I think this kit would make the ideal Christmas gift. Please check out all Mary-Ann’s wonderful creations over on her website

You can see my own prints as @unruly_print via my Etsy shop HERE


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