04/05/2020 – Virtual Exhibition & Museums and Story Time

Here are the details and links to the information I will be chatting about in my ‘Creative Catch-up’ on BBC Radio Suffolk with @JournoJon tonight (Monday) from 7pm :)

I will also be challenging Jon Wright and Matt Marvell with a creative challenge from the 2nd edition of the  FREE Activity Art Pack from Firstsite, Colchester.

For regular listeners you will be familiar with a phrase used to describe Jon and Matt’s interactions with each other ‘Partially positive’, well this week I found out via Harvard University that it’s a scientific term used to describe polar bonds and looks like this…

Story Time with Mama G

This week Des from The Seagull Theatre told me all about one of their favourite partner performers Mama G. She is a panto dame who does story telling for children. A popular with Lowestoft library, Mama G is bringing 30mins of story telling for the whole family via Facebook LIVE at 6pm on Wednesday’s and Sunday’s. https://www.facebook.com/MamaGStories/

Story Time with Mama G

Virtual contemporary art exhibition

Have you ever wanted to see what modern and contemporary art is all about? Well now you can view it from the comfort of you own home in Suffolk with the new and exciting Artcels and House Of Fine Art (HOFA) virtual art exhibition.

This virtual gallery offers visitors the opportunity to see the works of some of the biggest names in the contemporary art world in a 3D virtual world. There is work on display by artists such as Banksy, George Condo, Kaws, Damien Hirst and Jeff Koons.

This gallery opens it’s door at 6pm (GMT) on Moday the 4th May and is open until the 18th May.

Artcels Virtual Exhibition – open 6pm (GMT) 4th May, 2020

Natural History Museum – online

Finding inspiration to start drawing or painting often comes from places we visit. Maybe a walk we took, or our favourite spot to spend time or possibly a visit to a museum or gallery. I can remember vividly my first visit to Ipswich Museum when growing up in Ipswich mid 1980s.

Many of us will remember going on school trips from Suffolk to London to visit the Natural History Museum. Now you can get all the inspiration you want from their new Virtual Museum. This includes everything from learning all about Hope the Blue Whale to the chance to walk around the whole museum in a 3D world. I particularly enjoyed exploring a digital archive of illustrations from HMS Endeavour the Natural History Museum holds all of the surviving botanical artwork from Captain James Cook’s first Pacific voyage (1768-1771).

Virtual Museum from Natural History Museum


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