11/05/2020 – The fear of being creative

Here are the details and links to the information I will be chatting about in my ‘Creative Catch-up’ on BBC Radio Suffolk with @JournoJon tonight (Monday) from 7pm :)

I will also be challenging Jon Wright and Matt Marvell with a creative challenge from the 2nd edition of the  FREE Activity Art Pack from Firstsite, Colchester.

For regular listeners you will be familiar with a phrase used to describe Jon and Matt’s interactions with each other ‘Partially positive’, well this week I found out via Harvard University that it’s a scientific term used to describe polar bonds and looks like this…

The fear of being creative…

I saw this all the time when teaching in a secondary school. Even by the age of 11 students are starting to feel that they aren’t creative and I would often hear students say ‘I can’t draw’ or ‘I’m not very arty’, today I hope to direct you to places where you can be inspires to be creative, like a when you were at primary school, because i believe that everyone has the potential to be ‘arty’, we just have to remember how :)

Life Drawing LIVE – BBC FOUR

BBC FOUR has a new series of programmes aimed at getting people of the UK drawing and creative. This week sees the return of ‘Life Drawing LIVE’ where you can have a go at life drawing with the artist Josie d’Arby, joined by experts Lachlan Goudie, Diana Ali and Nicky Philipps. Open to all levels.

BB4 FOUR, Tuesday 12th May 8.00pm

#CommunityClayTime with Jim Parkyn

For those of you who follow my Instgram feed you will see that over the past month I have been taking part in #communityclaytime at 3pm each day with the brilliant Jim Parkyn. Check out his website to find out about all the model making life of Jim, including his work as an Aardman ambassador and creating models on their wonderful productions.

Each day Jim runs a 45-60 minute session where you can learn how to make a clay model of everything from a cabbage to a camel. It really is very fun and an ideal way to get you and your family creative in lockdown. Haven’t got any clay? don’t worry, you can use salt-dough, icing, fimo or even Playdoh. If you aren’t free at 3pm, head over to Jim’s Youtube channel and you can make along with all his previous sessions.

Check out Jim’s Youtube for all his model making tips and sessions

FREE online art classes – with Samantha Barnes

From her studio in Woodbridge, Samantha Barnes is offering a series of FREE online art classes, and they are proving to be very popular. On Mondays at 11am she offers art classes for adults, Wednesday and it’s the turn of the kids at 11am.

With over 2,500 subscribers from across the world Samantha is proving to be an online hit. I spoke with her earlier today and she told me that the classes are a way of relaxing and looking at personal well being through art. Samantha is passionate about opening up creativity in others and loves working with those who are afraid of giving art a go. Please go and check out her website for more details.

Check out Sam’s website for more details :)


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