08/06/2020 – And the winner is…

Here are the details and links to the information I will be chatting about in my ‘Creative Catch-up’ on BBC Radio Suffolk with @JournoJon tonight :)

Northwest Ipswich Big Local Trust

A few weeks back we talked about the Northwest Ipswich Big Local Trust photographic competition. I was very kindly asked to help judge the entries and the overall winner was Sklya, winning a brand new digital camera.

The aim of this competition was to encourage children and young people aged from pre-school up to 18 to reconnect with the great outdoors during lock down for Covid-19, focusing on what they could see from their window. there were 4 categories and each winner will be rewarded with a £20 Amazon voucher.

Overall Winner – Sklya

First Light Festival

The wonderful folk over at our local, Suffolk, FREE, First Light Festival, have been busy coming up with online content to keep us entertained.

Firstly – there is a print making workshop by Lisa Hurcum from Paper-works, Lowestoft, and discover how to make your very own fiery sun print!

Secondly – this week there is a competition to design an original and inventive banner that celebrates the First Light Festival experience. This is completely open to your interpretation and you may use any medium you wish for your design.

Open to all ages:

Children – ages 0-12
Teens – ages 13- 18
Young Adults – 19-25
Adults – 26 +
Groups (may include schools/ students/community)

First Light Festival

Podcasts in lockdown

I have been using some of my time in lockdown to listen to creative podcasts. Podcasts on all sorts of topics can be found for you to enjoy via BBC Sounds :)

The Art Of Money

Partially Positive

For regular listeners you will be familiar with a phrase used to describe Jon and Matt’s interactions with each other ‘Partially positive’, well this is in fact a scientific term used to describe polar bonds and looks like this…


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