01/06/2020 – Creativity can be anything

Here are the details and links to the information I will be chatting about in my ‘Creative Catch-up’ on BBC Radio Suffolk with @JournoJon tonight :)

I will also be challenging Jon Wright and Matt Marvell with a creative challenge from the 3rd edition of the  FREE Activity Art Pack from Firstsite, Colchester.

Creativity can be anything…

The separation begins in school… subjects act as a decisive way of separating creativity. The ideas is that Poetry is ‘owned’ by English, drawing of diagrams is for Science, the making of a wooden box is for DT lessons and painting is something you do in Art. This separation is in many of our adult lives with jobs that continue to limit our exploration of idea and materials creatively.

If we look back in history this was never the case. Darwin was an exquisite draftsman, recording all of his observations of nature in elaborate and detailed drawings. Michelangelo was not only brilliant at drawing and painting, but he was also a prolific inventor. Is this joined up approach to academic and creative subjects the key to their success?

In the modern world artists who succeed seem to include a variety of creative disciplines in their work. Jeremy Dellar uses poetry, sculpture, drawing and organisational expertise to bring together large art happenings and events. Turner prize winner, Lubaina Himid is know as a painter, but she is also a curator, writer, poet, printmaker and public speaker. In working in many disciplines she is able to highlight cultural histories and reclaim forgotten or ignored identities.

So next time some asks ‘Are you a arty’? have a think before you say no :)

Dance is where the home is

Dance East have have started to release digital classes for you to take part in at home every day from 10am (BST) – you can access them through their Youtube channel.

DanceEast dance artists will lead you through light dance exercises – raising morale, and more importantly reduce the negative effects of inactivity and inevitable boredom! The individual classes will last between 15 – 30 minutes and are available online for 24 hours, so you can rewind and repeat the class as much as you like. The warm up and cool down options will always be available in case you’d like some guidance.

Lockdown printmaking

The wonderful folk over at Tower Print Projetct have created an online video to help people give printmaking a go. The first video is tutorial and guide on the equipment and technique needed to create a mono-print. Briliant delivered by @oysterprint :)

The Tower St Print Project in Ipswich is a friendly, relaxed printmaking studio run by practising printmakers, where you can explore Linocutting, Drypoint Etching and other printmaking techniques in workshops and courses that are suitable for beginners and those with some previous printmaking experience.

Suffolk Writers Group

Always wanted to get back into or give writing a go? Why not head over to the Suffolk Writers Group, run by Mai Black.

This is what Mai says of the group “either in a group or working with me individually, you can increase your creativity, hit your writing targets and become part of the wider writing community.” Online workshops start from as little as £5 per 1 hour session.


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