26/05/2020 – Playing with food, music and art

Here are the details and links to the information I will be chatting about in my ‘Creative Catch-up’ on BBC Radio Suffolk with @JournoJon tonight :)

I will also be challenging Jon Wright and Matt Marvell with a creative challenge from the 3rd edition of the  FREE Activity Art Pack from Firstsite, Colchester.

The importance of being playful…

I believe that childish play is a really important part of being a successful adult. In our youth we are given time and space to explore our world through play. We learn how to problem solve and develop our own narratives for the world of play that we create… most importantly… there are no rules! As we grow into adult life the pressures of life and societies expectations often mean we forget how to play and problem solve with the same creative freedom.

The young child who creates a whole village out of Lego has to think about the layout… can their favourite car fit next to their model house? Do they want a garden for this imaginary home? Or would it be better to have a communal space for everyone? How far away are the shops? In this example the child could easily be swapped for an adult making the same decisions in a council office for town planning… does this adult have the time and freedom to play and explore ideas through play?

I believe that play is more important than ever. If we make time to play in our adult lives we will be better prepared to overcome some of the challenges that the world has to face. And the bonus… it’s great fun and will help your personal well-being and mental health :)

Food Savvy – Delicious Drawing Competition

#FoodSavvy is a brilliant initiative to reduce food waste and supported by Norfolk County Council and Suffolk Waste Partnership.

They are running a month-long Delicious Drawings competition which asks children (4-11 year olds) to unleash their creative side by drawing a picture revolving around a food saving idea. Do you know a mini artist, young chef, or storyteller? Have them enter our competition to win brilliant prizes. Running from the 20th May for more information head to www.foodsavvy.org.uk

#FOODSAVVY drawing competition

Britten Pears Arts

On 31 March 2020 Snape Maltings and the Britten–Pears Foundation merged into a new organisation – Britten Pears Arts. Coming from the shared founders Peter pears and Benjamin Britten, who in 1964 said “I want my music to be of use to people… to enhance their lives”. The new Britten Pears Arts website leads you to both the Snape Maltings and Britten Pears.

There are lots of ways that you can get involved with the organisation, or you can simply enjoy the content they have on offer. The organisation are looking for you to share your memories of Aldeburgh Festival from fun moments between events to a specific performance. Missing your visits to the Alde estuary can immerse yourself in the sounds of the river and all its nature through a lovely video. There are also extensive singing resources via Friday Afternoons.

Britten Pears Arts

Grayson Perry’s Art Club

I have been an avid watcher and contributor to Grayson Perry’s Art Club over the past month. For those of you who haven’t seen the programme, it offers a window into the creative world, studio and processes of artist Grayson Perry and wife Philippa Perry.

Grayson has then open up the Art Club for the public to share their creations from a theme that Grayson sets. Many celebrities have been taking part too, with cameo appearances from Sue Pollard, Noel Fielding and many more. Every week Grayson chooses different submitted artworks to show on his show, and some will then be included in an exhibition after the pandemic.

To my surprise and delight a former school friend and local artist Pip Hodgkinson’s work appeared on the show last night. We are going to have a chat with Pip all about his art and being creative in lockdown :)

Head over to Pip’s Instagram page…


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