22/06/2020 – Festival season and photographs that make you feel better

Landscape photographer Charlie Waite will be joining us to discuss the healing power of photographs

Here are the details and links to the information I will be chatting about in my ‘Creative Catch-up’ on BBC Radio Suffolk with @JournoJon tonight :)

Charlie Waite

Charlie Waite, is one of the the UK’s leading landscape photographers, and will be joining us to discuss the power of landscape photography to heal our minds and bodies. Plus working with leading neuroscientist Henry Marsh on the use of landscape photography to help support patient recovery in hospitals. He is also the founder of The Landscape Photographer of the Year competition, now in it’s 14th year.

Charlie Waite sees landscape photography – both the taking of the photo and the looking at the finished photograph – as a form of mindfulness and recognises the power of photography to transport and uplift individuals in times of anxiety. Studies have shown that being able to look at a horizon in a natural landscape releases endorphins and that access to nature increases recovery time in hospital patients. During lockdown with many unable to leave their homes or cities, looking at a photograph of a natural landscape can have the same calming effect on the mind as being in nature.  

Charlie is also a judge for The Arts Society Connected, Isolation Artwork Competition which is supporting young artists through the emotional stress of lockdown – it ties in nicely with the fact that landscape photography has a huge impact on  physical and mental  health, because art does as well. One  of the artists in the competition Indigo Price is from Ipswich. Please visit The Arts Society Connected website to vote for your favourite. The winner will be announced on 7th July.

Indigo Price – ‘Out of site, but not out of mind’

Festival season 2020

An exciting part of the year for many is the dawn of the UK festival season. But this year our favourite musical, comedy, literary and food festivals have been cancelled or postponed, so what’s on offer to keep us entertained?

Tonight I will be chatting about local and national festivals that have created online and virtual festivals for you to enjoy from the comfort of your own home. And always look on the bright side…you don’t have to queue for the toilet, your drinks don’t cost as much and you have the comfort of your own bed at the end of a day of dancing!

First Light From Home

The inaugural First Light Festival took part last June on the summer solstice in Suffolk’s very own Lowestoft, the most easterly point in the UK. I was fortunate to take part as an artist with my ‘Sandscape’ durational sand sculpture made from the forms of waste packaging.

First Light 2020 had to be cancelled and the wonderful organiser decided to create an online offering over the weekend for people to enjoy from the comfort and safety of their own homes.

The 24hr festival kicked off with a piece by the National Youth Theatre called MELT. Then there was a Sunburst Headress workshop by Susan Brinkhurst, followed by myself introducing local makers and creatives from our @MakersMarketFromHome Instagram takeover. The festival then continued with a mix of LIVE performance in dance and music, plus there was a cocktail session with the wonderful Hedgerow Cordials :)

The highlight of the celebrations was getting up at 4am to see the LIVE stream of the sun rising. I can’t wait for First Light Festival 2021…see you on the beach next year :)

ART EAT Festival

Another great local festival to come into fruition last year was the fantastically successful ART EAT 2019. Taking place on the Ipswich Waterfront in the summer of 2019, this extravaganza of creativity proved very popular.

Although the festival wasn’t due to return this summer (2021 was always the plan) the organisers have continued with their community projects and local youth are encouraged to take part in workshops to create a youth mural for next years festival.

The last day to register is today, so please head over to their website to find out how you can register :)


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