03/08/2020 – Keep or start being creative…

At Monday’s Creative Catch-Up we will be chatting about ways to keep or start being creative :)

It’s a tough time for many of us at the moment, with limitations on our everyday lives that impact on the way we would normally choose to enjoy our summers. Plus some of us are having to find new ways to entertain children too.

Here are a few ideas to get your creative ideas bubbling…

  1. Draw – challenge yourself to draw something every day. This can be as simple as drawing the same item each time, or you could challenge yourself to try our new subjects. Check out my exhibition ‘The Loft’ that cam from this same challenge.
  2. Colour match – bring together a selection samples of items that vary in colour. Stick these in a notebook and then try are match the colour in a painted swatch. This will help you experiment with colour and get good at mixing and colour matching.
  3. Poetry – Start to write small poems that relate to your own experiences of the current social situation. They need not rhyme, they need not have the correct spelling and most importantly… nobody needs to read or hear them if you don’t want to share them. You can find lots of examples of poetry to inspire you at Suffolk Libraries.
  4. Snap away – whatever camera you may have start recording the world around you. Looking back on these images in years to come will be so interesting. You could start by recording every room in your house and them move on to your garden and further afield.
  5. Pen a letter – write a letter to a friend or family. Letters are a brilliant way to start a conversation and great way for both parties to have a chance to be heard and to listen. If you would prefer, why not write a letter to yourself and read it in a month, year or even longer. There is a letter writing befriending scheme run by Yopey for children.
  6. Play with junk – we nearly all did this as children… junk modelling! Why not give it a go, if you don’t have kids around this is still go you. The act of making something from rubbish is very positive and draws out your creativity and childish thoughts. I started my sculptural piece ‘Sandscapes’ for First Light Festival 2019 with this very approach.
  7. Toys – get your old toys out and have a play with them. This could be anything from setting up a scene with toy soldiers to playing a board game with a family member. Why not head to a local charity shop like Zest, Ipswich and grab an old game if you don’t have one to hand
  8. Get moving – to start with why not find an online offering that allows you to try dancing out from the comfort of your own home and without anyone else seeing. DanceEast have some excellent resources for you to check out .
  9. Music – I love listening to music and the music I choose reflects the mood I may be feeling and depends on the task I am carrying out. Stretch your listening experiences and try out new and old genres. Locally we are very lucky to have Aldeburgh Music who have a wide range of music for you to enjoy.
  10. Enjoy being creative – if it isn’t fun, change what you are doing, have a break, or try something new :)

Here is my poem or creative writing…

The familiar smell of a recently consumed dinner still hangs in the air, mixed with the sickly rich scent of Grandma’s perfume and furniture polish.

Waiting and waiting, but how long til we can ask? Sitting straight up and silent on a coarse and uncomfortable sofa. Time stands still with less movement than us.

‘Go and fetch the toys boys’ the phrase is released and with it we rush over heavily patterned carpet, dodging legs of adults and chairs to the varnished ply box. The well worn handle is grabbed once more.

 It slides out on smooth groves that have been created over years of tradition. The toys have been waiting all week and burst into life.

Let this memory of Sundays never end.

Here are the details and links to the information I will be chatting about in my ‘Creative Catch-up’ on BBC Radio Suffolk with @matt_marvell tonight, while @JournoJon is away :)


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