Intervallum at First Flight

My most recent work ‘Intervallum’ will be on display this weekend alongside 100’s of creations work by many amazing artists, local children and businesses…

First Flight, 26th – 27th June 2021 Kensington Gardens, London Road South, East Point Pavilion, Historic High Street – Lowestoft

My most recent work ‘Intervallum’ will be on display this weekend alongside 100’s of creative work by many amazing artists, local children and businesses.

Intervallum, 2021, by Andy Greenacre at First Flight / First Light Festival

Intervallum’ continues my research into the forms that plastic waste creates. Some of these shapes are really interesting and dare I say… beautiful. But much of this packaging is not necessary or needed, other materials and methods for storing and preserving food are available and have a much lower impact on the environment.

My art bird box explores and confronts the impact of humans on the environment. Plastic has been found to be in many nests of birds in the UK. I wanted to explore using the forms of plastic waste to create a nest box that birds could inhabit. Intervallum explores that space between man and nature, the uneasy balance and conflict that we need to address. You can see a short film of the sculpture here.

You can see other works that I have created that explore these these with Sandscape and Void

First Flight is a large-scale outdoor exhibition, over the weekend of 26th and 27th June 2021. Responding playfully to the concept of a bird box, the project aims to shine a light on the importance of habitats for birds, especially in an urban environment. Showcasing the creativity of acclaimed regional and local artists, crafters, schoolchildren and shopkeepers, thousands of individually designed boxes will brighten the town and invite everyone to explore Lowestoft – from the Historic High Street to Kensington Gardens

Lowestoft’s beach is the first landing post for a variety of birds that migrate from across the world, and Suffolk Wildlife Trust’s new nature reserve Carlton Marshes, is a wild space on Lowestoft’s doorstep. Join us at the First Flight exhibition to celebrate the region’s birdlife and the importance of their habitats.


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