Street Invigilators

Street Invigilator… the people tasked with looking after the ‘Spraycation’ Banksy artworks…

Our ‘Street Invigilators’, looking after Banksy ‘Spraycation’ artworks so the rest of us can enjoy them for years to come.

Carol in Gorleston
Ricky in Lowestoft
Michael in Great Yarmouth

Today I went on a mini tour of the Banksy ‘Spraycation’ artworks. These graffiti artworks have popped up across several coastal towns on the east coast and are understandably getting lots of attention from visitors, plus plenty of news coverage too.

Banksy artwork in Great Yarmouth

While enjoying the hubbub and exciting atmosphere surrounding these artworks and taking in the scale and impact that they are having on the region, I noticed a quieter and perhaps overlooked facet to their presence.

The security guards and screen installers being tasked with looking after these artworks… the temporary custodians of this street art and our future cultural heritage. So I decided to make a series of photographs that highlight some of these brilliant people. For me these people are very much like the invigilators we are used to seeing in galleries across the world.

Banksy artwork in Oulton Broad, Suffolk


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