Another exciting journey for my MOJO has just beginning and I’d love for you to get in involved…

In the summer of 2021 I found myself struggling to find my own creative MOJO, so I decided to get back into making by printing my own mojo 😊 #MakeYourOwnMOJO

Andy of @unruly_print in his studio with his MOJO prints

The number of people who identified with the sentiments of this print and the positive reactions I received really helped me out when I needed it most. I went on to offer my MOJO print for £1 to my newsletter subscribers and the magic of my MOJO print travelled far and wide 😊 (You can sign up to my newsletter HERE)

Because of the great response I received, I’ve decided to start another exciting journey for my MOJO and I’d love for you to get in involved. I’m asking you to have a go at making your own mojo #MakeYourOwnMOJO

Please click the link below to download details on how you can get involved in #MakeYourOwnMOJO

You can see my prints as @unruly_print via my Etsy shop HERE


#MakeYourOwnMOJO is completely FREE, if it happens to bring you joy, helps you find your own MOJO and you would like to buy me a coffee, please head over to my Ko-fi account HERE.


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